The following students will be performing with the competitive Marching Lancers this fall. If you have already paid for camp and your name is not on the list, you will recieve a refund. Continue to work hard as no spot is permanent and you will be continually evaluated for future performances. 


K. Schroeder
H. Pulse
N. Lonsdale
K. Roy
A. Schuetz
M. Schlueter
A. Richardson
P. Harris
S. McGee
B. Porter
J. Wideman
A. Harvey
D. Clark
J. Boecklin
G. Devany
B. Camp
A. Word
D. Adams
A. Bowlin
J. Taylor
A. Biehl
S. Bell
C. Cordova 

A. Bigham
J. Knee
A. Cadwell
N. Beck
A. Bevers
K. Cottle
D. Shorter
C. Black
B. Connor
K. Bettis
A. Thomas
S. Keiser
K. Scott
S. Bozada
T. Moore
D. Johnson
K. Scott
R. Caldwell

Bass Clarinets
C. Connor
E. Halstead
A. Biddings

Alto Saxophones
E. Winland
M. DiPasquale
P. Storment
R. Ambrow
E. Anglin
A. Montgomery
B. Fulton
S. Urban
C. Adams
D. Hagood
O. Kraus
T. Niccum
T. Kellemeyer
S. Wilson
B. Canada

Tenor Saxophone
M. Henry
D. Mulford
J. Dorsey
Z. Jablonski

S. Allen
T. Monte
N. Miller
O. Tock
E. Rist
R. Youck
C. Heimann
C. Zimmerman
D. Giles
J. Roach
D. Redmond
J. Phillips
A. Rodriguez
M. Fleshren
K. Vrieswyk
J. Gray
T. Bergman
A. Walker
M. Brueggemann
Q. Hoover
B. Dougan
O. Cruz-Oyola
S. Cook

C. Walker
J. Adams
D. White
N. Stricker
S. Coleman

E. Caumiant
S. Hartung
C. Carpenter
N. Wegrzyn
J. Monte
M. Thompson
J. Howell
H. Sweeney
Z. Kelly
M. Rice
S. Jackson
F. Lang
J. Pugh

M. Hamilton
G. Poe
J. Jones
K. Poe
L. Slawter
H. Sweeney
Q. Titchenal

D. Kellmeyer
R. Halton
R. Bowles
D. Oregon

Single Tenors
I. Conway
J. Williams
T. Maninno

D. Vaupel
B. Flippin
A. Dorsey
J. Poe
D. Lexa-Lopez

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Belleville East High School Color Guard. 

Krystal Blakney
Mackenzie Bradshaw
Madison Bradshaw
Alice Buch
Anna Burns
Olivia Chell
Camryn Cook
Katie Cooper
Amara Covington
Julia Donato
Veronica Duncan
Kharrigan Edwards
Sarah Eversman
Brittney Glover
Ariel Gralewski
Genia Gray
Kristina Halsted
Anecia Harris
Morgan Hartung
Haley Henke
Makayla Johnson
Tristen Johnson
Allison LaSalvia
Paz Malaschak
Mimi McCameron
Erin McKinney
Sierra Morena
Holly Muehfeld
Alissa Patz
Tabitha Prokopf
Brenna Roche
Kait Siemonsma
Francesca Spizzo
Sonja Steele
Elizabeth Tapen
Chloe Terry
Carleigh Tessereau
Katerina Vrieswyk
Allison Watson
Serena Wilkes

The first rehearsal will be on June 1 from 6-9 PM on central terrace. Also we will be with the full band rehearsing on the track from 6-9 PM on Thursdays starting June 4. The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

June 1 --- 6-9PM --- Color Guard
June 4 --- 6-9PM --- Full Band
June 8 --- 6-9PM --- Color Guard (Parents meet this evening at 6:00 PM)
June 11 --- 6-9PM --- Full Band

June 15 --- 6-9PM --- Color Guard
June 18 --- 6-9PM --- Full Band
June 22 --- 6-9
PM --- Color Guard
June 25 --- 6-9PM --- Full Band
June 28 --- 1:00 PM Report at East --- Red Bud Fireman's Picnic Parade --- 4:00 PM Step off time return approximately 7:00 PM
June 30 --- 6-9PM - Full Band
July 2 --- 6-9PM - Full Band
July 4 --- Early Report --- VP Fair Parade --- Forest Park St. Louis

July information is still to come...

July 27-31 --- 8AM - 4PM --- Band Camp
August 3-6 --- 8AM - 4PM --- Band Camp



Parents and Students... As soon as possible, please click on the Charms button and enter your information! 

N  M  A  O  T  B  A

2015 Outback Bowl Awards and Honors

Grand Champion - Outback Bowl Parade

1st Place - Field Show Competition

Outstanding Band Front (Auxiliary)

Grand Champion - Jazz Band Competition

1st Place - Second Jazz Band

2nd and 3rd Place - Second Concert Band

Honorable Mention - Concert Band

Outstanding Jazz Soloist - Isaiah Parmer

see our great new coverage on channel 2 by visiting this link. 


Click on the picture to watch the Belleville East Marching Lancers in the Christmas in St. Louis Parade on Thanksgiving morning!
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Upcoming Events 

You can find our new upcoming events page to be located on the main menu at the top of the screen. All events have been placed on the calendar. You can click on the event you wish to learn about and find either information or a direct itinerary. If there is no itinerary listed, information has not been given to Mr. Tessereau. Please be patient as we try to work out the kinks and to make organizing life a bit easier for everyone.

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