Marching Lancers

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen to perform in the competitive Marching Lancers this fall. If any freshmen would like to still play an audition, please contact Mr. Tessereau at and I can walk you through. The list below is pending an ongoing visual audition through the summer.  

Drum Majors
Matthew Grove
Brianna Batson
Sam Fenster
Jessica Jenson

High Woodwind - Hannah Pulse
Low Woodwind - Miranda Henry
High Brass - Tauleur Stephens
Low Brass - Nathan Hamilton

Section Leaders
Flute - Nicole Lonsdale and Kaitlin Schroeder
Clarinet - Cayla Page and Courtney Bettis
Bass Clarinet - Peyton Kaercher
Alto Saxophone - Emily Winland
Tenor Saxophone - Isaiah Parmer
Trumpet - Stone Allen and Darby Maguire
Mellophone - Lindsay Smith
Baritone - Seth Marek and Sally O'Malley
Sousaphone - Bernard Terry

Additional Leadership Team Members
Ahnya Richardson, Jessica Knee, Andrew Rist, Cameron Heimann and Adam Lanter

Nicole Lonsdale
Hannah Pulse
Kaitlin Schroeder
Katie Roy
Ahnya Richardson
Patricia Harris
Sammie McGee
Megan Shanks
Bethany Porter
Sarah Biondo
Jessica Wideman
Allison Sweeney
Makayla Johnson
Audrey Schuetz
Madison Schlueter
Ashley Harvey
Delise Clark
Jamie Boecklin
Gretchen Devany
MacKenzie Wright
Azhia Word
Dominique Henderson

Andrew Rist
Cayla Page
Abby Bigham
Jessica Knee
Courtney Bettis
Rebecca Marselle
Katie Cottle
James McCurdy
Aly Cadwell
Nika Beck
Ariel Bevers
Erial Lewis
Destiny Shorter
Giovanna Lopez
Jennifer Frentzel
Caitlyn Black
Bailey Connor
Kristina Bettis
Karribian Scott

Bass Clarinets
Peyton Kaercher
Alexis Mitchel
Chelsea Connor
Erin Halstead

Alto Saxophone
Austin Campbell
Brittanie Rice
Emily Winland
Patrick Storment
Randy Ambrow
Brianna Nichols
Ellie Anglin
Jessica Munyon
Alexis Montgomery
Breyana Fulton
Damani Hosendolph

Tenor Saxophone
Miranda Henry
Isaiah Parmer
Dara Mulford
Jacob Dorsey
Jared Fleshren
Zach Jablonski

Tayleur Stephens
Darby Maguire
Rachel Howell
Stone Allen
Timothy Monte
Ryan Youck
Noah Miller
Cameron Heimann
Claire Zimmerman
Daniel Giles
Olivia Tock
Evan Rist
Jace Roach
Jalen Reeves
Kameron Vrieswyk
Joshua Phillips
Jake Gray
Delano Redmond
Gavin Green

Lindsay Smith
Carl Walker
Dan White
Jada Adams
Logan Williams
Kellen Poettgen

Seth Marek
Sydney Hartung
Sally O’Malley
Alex Pierceall
Michael Rice
Neil Wegrzyn
Paul McManus
Adam Lanter
Eddie Caumiant
Traci Peden
Jeremy Monte
Zac Kelley
Milana Thompson
William Brydon
Liam Slawter
Jackson Howell
Brianna Hicks
Keyjuan Young

Bernard Terry
Matthew Hamilton
Nathan Hamilton
Greg Poe
Josh Jones
KeiShawn Poe
Sterling Blonigen


George Chen
Daniel Kellmeyer
Andrae Neal
Gavin Lowe
Randy Chen
Devon Oregon
Dougie Gray
Ryan Halton

Colin Graham
Alex Dorsey
Dillon Vaupel
AJ Otey
Jadah Martinez

Richard Bowles
Brianna Flippin
Malik Good
Richard Rother
Derrick Lexa Lopez

Front Ensemble
Sarah Largent
Jessica Tetzner
Katie Volluz
Daniel Biondo
Evan Trentman
Terrance Guy
Michael McGarrity
Abby Anderson
Paige Fedele
Elleanor McGrady
Chelsea Harris

Color Guard
Madison Bradshaw
Katie Cooper
Madison Ernst
Sarah Eversman
Gillian Garland
Ariel Gralewski
Annesia Harris
Erin McKinney
Victoria Phillips
Adeja Powell
Karly Quirk
Rebecca Shanahan
Sonja Steele
Serena Wilkes
Aaliyah Anderson
MacKenzie Bradshaw
Kiandra Britt
Olivia Chell
Anecia Coleman
Kharrigan Edwards
Brittney Glover
Genia Gray
Tristen Johnson
Allison LaSalvia
Mimi McCameron
Sierra Morena
Holly Muehlfeld
Marissa Muehlfeld
Brenna Roche
Bailie Scott
Kait Siemonsma
Francesca Spizzo
Chloe Terry
Kat Vrieswyk

Dance Team
Krystal Blakney
Brianna Gurly
Khamryn Hendricks
Molly Korte
Clare LaBlance
Tia Overstreet
Maddie Stinson
Remi Williams
Rachel Gingrich
Faith Harris
Katie Kiernan
Natalie Kuldell
Lauren Murphy
SylveA’sha Radley
Ma’Lia Suggs
Kennedy Wills

One of the largest student organizations on the campus of Belleville East High School is the Belleville East Marching Lancers. This year, the band consists of approximately 165 musicians, 21 in the color guard and 15 dancers.  The band is lead by drum majors  Heather Hamilton, Sarah Perret, Matthew Grove and Brianna Batson!

The Marching Lancers march parades throughout the year, starting at the beginning of the summer and finishing in late November. At the beginning of August, the band goes through two weeks of band camp, when they learn their marching show for the fall season. They perform the show during halftime at home football games and at major competitions in the Metro East area.

Every two years, the band attends a bowl game. In 2002, the Marching Lancers went to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia where they won top honors including Grand Champion. In 2004, they marched at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee, also winning the Grand Champion trophy. In 2006 the Marching Lancers performed in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, FL where they were grand champions of Jazz and Concert Band and placed 2nd in the parade and 3rd in the field show. Recently the band returned from another successful trip to the 2008 Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN. They placed 2nd in field show and 1st in the Liberty Bowl Parade. This fall we are planning another trip to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, FL.

The Marching Lancers have a strong history. Under the direction of the first director, Mr. Leroy Kirsch, the band was chosen to participate in the grand opening of Six Flags - Mid America (now Six Flags - St. Louis).

Schedule for the 2014 season

August 30 - Home Football Game
September 5 --- Home Football Game
September 6 --- Mozingo Drum Line Contest
September 13 --- Belleville East Marcing Invitational/ Metro East Marching Classic in O'Fallon 
September 20 --- Home Football Game
September 20 --- Tiger Ambush Classic
September 27 --- Marching Band Contest (TBA)
October 3 --- Home Football Game
October 4 --- Fort Zumwalt North Marching Band Contest 

October 10 --- Home Football Game
October 17-18 --- Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional
October 24 --- Home Football Game
October 25 --- Bands of America Indianapolis Super Regional

2014 Field Show??????

An announcement will be made in the near future as to the title of the 2014 program for the Belleville East Marching Lancers!

2013 - Transformations

2012 - Control

2011 - The Brain: 101

2010 - "... the Box"

1. "Trapped Inside..."
2. "To you, it's just... ... but to the mind of a child."
3. "Think Outside..."

2009 - '5'

1. Beethoven's 5th
2. Take 5
3. Hungarian Dance No. 5

2008 - BUGZ!

1. The Anthill
2. The Garden
3. The Web
2007 - An American Elegy

1. Appalachian Spring
2. an American Elegy
3. At Dawn They Slept: December 7, 1941

2006 - Murder in Manhattan

1. Manhattan - Scene of the Crime
2. And In Walks the Dame
3. To Catch a Killer

2005 - Midnight in Transylvania

2004 - A Childhood Dream

2003 - Sorcery Suite

2002 - Inchon
2001 - The Planets

2000 - Pastime: A Salute to Baseball
1999 - The Pinstripe Chronicles

1998 - El Ritmo Latino

1997 - Return to the Paradise Theater - The Music of STYX
1996 - A Day In The Life In New York City
1995 - A Salute To John Williams
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