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Belleville East Lancer Bands
Fort Zumwalt North River City Showcase

Fort Zumwalt North River City Showcase
Itinerary for Saturday, October 12

8:30 AM – Visual Rehearsal - Dress appropriately for the weather - Wear your gray band jacket for later in the day also - Trailers will leave earlier to put props together. 
9:15 AM – Rehearsal ends – Meet on Central Terrace
9:30 AM – Depart for Fort Zumwalt North
10:30 AM – Arrive at FZN - Dress in uniform en route (be dressed when we unload at Fort Zumwalt North)
10:50 AM - Basics Block near the buses - Stretch and fundamentals
11:15 AM – Warm Up
12:00 PM – Troupe  
12:15 PM – Perform 
12:30 PM - Return to buses - change out of uniform into dry fit and band shorts - Jackets if necessary - Return to stadium to eat concessions and watch bands. Be respectul at all times. 
4:00 PM – Prelims Awards
6:30 PM – Finals Begin 
9:45 PM – Finals Awards

Other information

Parent/Spectator Parking Handicap parking will be available in the FZN High School lot by the football field. Spectator/Parent parking will be directly across the street at Living Word Christian High School or Cornerstone Methodist Church. Additional parking will be in the large parking lot adjacent to the Rascals Stadium at the corner of Tom Ginnever and T.R. Hughes. Please do not park around the Rascals Stadium. The parking lot is adjacent to the stadium and will be marked as Spectator Parking. There will be a shuttle running from 10am-9:30pm from the larger parking lot. 

Admission charge will be $10 for adults, $5 for students, and $5 for senior citizens. Children 4 years and under are free. We will be accepting debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). There will only be one admission charge required for the day. Finals will not require a separate admission. Directors/Staff and bus drivers will receive wrist bands for gate admission as well as access to the hospitality room. We will also provide ten (10) gate admissions for you to distribute to your field helpers/parents. 

Concessions - We will have multiple locations for concessions available which will consist of your standard fare of burgers, hot dogs, snacks, candy and funnel cakes. In addition, we will also have Domino’s Pizza available for sale as well. We will accept debit and credit cards only at the main concession area. 

Finals Competition - The top 12 scoring bands regardless of class will be invited to finals competition. Qualifying bands will need to send a representative to the field at the end of prelims awards to draw for finals slots. The top six preliminary scores will draw for the last six performance times and the lowest six scores will draw for the remaining performance times. 

Video/Director’s/staff seating - There will be a small area reserved on the top row of bleachers just to the right of the press box as you face the field for one member of your group to record your performance on video. The top two rows immediately in front of the press box will be reserved for directors and staff throughout the day. Please have your staff wristband visible if you would like to sit in this seating area. 

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