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Belleville East Lancer Bands
Red Bud Itinerary 2019

Sunday - June 30, 2019

12:30 PM - New members and leadership arrive and make sure all uniform parts are correct. 

1:00 PM Arrive at Belleville East and set parade block (2 separate blocks) on Central Terrace. The dress for the parade is our summer dress uniform. Gray shirt, black bibbers, long black socks (not ankle socks), black band shoes, black gloves and shako. If you are not in proper attire, you will not be permitted to march. See handbook for other restrictions and allowances. 

1:15 PM Bus departs for Red Bud.

2:00 PM Arrive in Red Bud. Unload and Warm Up.

4:00 PM Parade begins.

7:30 PM Arrive back at East.

New Parents... I want to give you some information that will hopefully ease your mind as we deal with excessive weather conditions this summer. For some parents, I realize that it may be your first experience with this activity and with high school in general so I hope you find this information helpful. 

As we dress in dark clothing for summer parades, the shirt is a dri-fit style shirt designed to keep students cooler. When heat is excessive, we wait to put on our bibs and hats until the very last minute. That is why we issue the uniform shorts. We can stay cool and still look the same.  When available, we warm up in the shade. In Red Bud, we are under trees. In the VP, we use skyscrapers. Before each parade, students are issued a water bottle carrier. It drapes over their right shoulder and is readily available for anytime they need it. They get water before the parade, a full cold water bottle during the parade to sip on, and another when we reach the end. The color guard have a few parents available to squirt them down throughout the parade. Usually, the band golf cart follows the band in case anyone feels ill. We also have a nurse on hand most of the time. The Red Bud Parade is only .9 miles long. I acknowledge that I may not have clarified the "point" very loudly and the last thing I wanted any student to believe is that we would march a 9 mile parade. (The Rose Bowl in Pasadena is 6 miles and is the longest that I know of.) I do apologize for the confusion. One last detail is that I encourage all students to eat healthy meals the days before we are going outside. The band kids are tough for many reasons. One is that they are smart. Eat something salty and drink some gatorade on Saturday. This will help them retain water and stay hydrated. By all means, over the next few weeks, get outside some. Mow the grass. Work in the garden. Take a walk at noon. Any time outside will make camp go by a lot easier. We are outside almost no matter what. (If it is too hot, we just take more breaks). I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Red Bud, IL is approximately 20 miles south of Belleville. You can get there by traveling south down highway 159. The parade begins at the elementary and travels north on Locust Street. It turns right on Market and ends at the Fire Station. We will disperse from either just south of the fire station, next to the actual picnic or north a few blocks near some grain silos. If you are picking up a student after the parade to ride home with you, you must meet us when WE are finished with the parade and not wait until the entire parade is over. We will be leaving when we get back to buses and everything is put away. We will not wait.

If you are taking home a child that does not belong to you, I must have a note from both sets of parents.

Parents… Please show your support by wearing your light blue BEBOP polo shirts. If you do not have one, we will set up an order soon. Another suggestion…. Applaud all of the bands that you see because they all work very hard.

See you along the way!

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