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Belleville East Lancer Bands
Metro East Marching Classic Itinerary

We will stay as close as possible to the itinerary listed below. If necessary, students can bring a snack because of the early lunch. 

ITINERARY - September 7, 2019


Metro East Marching Classic - O'Fallon Township High School

12:00 PM - 3:30 PM - Rehearse on turf if available 
3:30 PM - Move spiders and props to the trailers and place all equipment (that needs to be loaded) near trailers (large instruments, etc...)
4:15 PM - Meet on central terrace - we will load by seniority
4:20 PM - Load Buses
4:30 PM - Depart for O'Fallon High School
5:00 PM - Arrive at O'Fallon High School - unload equipment - use restroom - eat at concession stand - Be respectful of every group you see, pass, come into contact with - You are a reflection of the Belleville East Band, yourselves, your parents, etc...
6:30 PM - Percussion, be dressed and prepare equipment
6:30 PM - Props instructions meeting
7:30 PM - Winds, be dressed and ready to warm up - visual block if space permits - We will always wear show shirts for competitive performances (contests) and always wear dry fits for football games. We will wear band jackets for this performance only. Color guard, you will wear full costume. 

8:07 PM - Official Warm Up (Area B)
8:27 PM - Move to ready gate - props move with a purpose and be orderly as we will rehearse 
8:37 PM - Ready Gate
8:47 PM - Performance (Field exit will be toward side 1. This will be different as years past because you will break and go to your prop for exit. We will take the props to the trailer. Everyone else will stay on the track for awards.)
9:20 PM - Awards
11:00 PM - We will return immediately after the awards ceremony and once the trailers are loaded.

Our class begins at 7:55 and the larger schools start at 6:30 PM. If parents wish to arrive earlier, you will get to see everyone.  Below is the schedule for the entire festival in case anyone is interested. Some guidelines in attending a marching band contest (in case you haven't seen one yet).  Remember that anyone can hear your comments even if you are whispering. Only make positive comments about what you see and hear. All of the kids on the field work very hard and deserve the accolades that you would give our own students. 

Class 1A
1:00 PM: St. Charles West, MO
1:13 PM: Breese Central
1:26 PM: Murphysboro 
1:39 PM: Civic Memorial 
1:52 PM: Effingham 
2:05 PM: Nashville Community
2:18 PM: Mater Dei 

2:31 PM: Break

Class 2A
2:40 PM: St. Charles, MO
2:53 PM: Hillsboro, MO
3:06 PM: Mascoutah 
3:19 PM: Highland 
3:32 PM: Triad 

3:45 PM: O'Fallon Township

4:10 PM: Awards

Class 3A
6:30 PM: Oakville, MO
6:43 PM: Collinsville 
6:56 PM: Fort Zumwalt South, MO
7:09 PM: Francis Howell North, MO
7:22 PM: Fort Zumwalt North, MO
7:35 PM: Granite City 

7:48 PM: Break

Class 4A
7:55 PM: Francis Howell, MO
8:08 PM: Francis Howell Central, MO
8:21 PM: Lindbergh, MO
8:34 PM: Edwardsville 
8:47 PM: Belleville East 

9:00 PM: O'Fallon Township

9:20 PM: Awards

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